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About Us

Welcome all to the fun and cheer at the captivating ,
an adventure through which you'll learn and earn yourself accolades.
The shy and the bold, the young and the old, there's something for all the grades .
English, science, math and art, be the ace of all the trades.

Experience English Escapades, behold creativity and imagination,
learn new words and idioms, hone writing skills and pronunciation.
Get on top of grammar, master spellings and punctuation;
Learn to write in splendour and style for any situation.

Math Marvels undoubtedly make problem-solving impeccable.
The fun workshops by Stellar Science are certainly inescapable.
Work on your cursive writing - make it beautiful, not just legible.
Learn calligraphy, brush-lettering and several arts, oh so loveable!

Our thoughtful teachers are always here for your little ones so dear,
not only adding to their knowledge but also to the cheer,
So, if you live in Bandra, Khar, Santacruz, Juhu or someplace near,
just step into Classcapades, for your Adventure Begins Here...

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My son is so fond of Classcapades that he has done all courses there. I do not think he has ever been so excited about an English language class... he learns a lot of new words, idioms and other ideas and the best part is that he uses them in his own compositions too. His Handwriting has improved drastically through the cursive handwriting programme here.

His interest and performance in Mathematics has grown as well. Team Classcapades you are doing a great job!!.

Sharmila Garde
Mother of Vedant Garde
Creative Writing - Level 5, IPM 7th & Handwriting Course

Classcapades has indeed become an adventure for my daughter Ananya! Her love for the English language has been greatly nurtured. She's become so much more articulate with the array of words they've introduced in all their worksheets.
The flair with which they teach has also polished her diction, intonation and other nuances which are mostly overlooked in language classes. This has made her excel and gain confidence in school competitions. She looks forward to attending the class!!!

Deenal Sampat
Mother of Ananya Sampat
Creative Writing - Level 3

Hi everyone! I have rarely come across a class where in a short span of time there is tremendous improvement in a child. My daughter goes for creative writing class and the IPM programme and I have seen a marked improvement in her language skills, not just written but oral as well.
During the holidays, I sent her for their handwriting class too. Although the course lasted only eight days, the change I noticed in my daughter's handwriting is unbelievable. This is one class my daughter never wants to miss!

Preena Jaswal
Mother of Kyra Jaswal
Creative Writing - Level 4 & IPM 5th

My daughter loves to go to this place... she looks forward to each Tuesday to go back to Classcapades. It is amazing to see Aasma do her homework and practice her poem on her own.

Her English language has improved and most of the times she teaches me new words that she has learnt! She also attended an astronomy and sky gazing workshop which she fondly remembers even months after having attended it!

Hilda Pawaskar
Mother of Aasma Pawaskar

Be a Stellar Storyteller Contest 2020

Oh! These weeks that we'll spend in isolation
But none can ever quarantine imagination!
So just set your creativity free,
And embark upon a writing spree,
For you can make the best of this break,
While there are tons of prizes to take!
Today a budding writer, soon to be much stellar!
Classcapades heartily welcomes every storyteller!
Last Date for Submission of entries: Thursday, 30th April 2020

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Q1. What does'Classcapades' mean?

Ans. The word 'escapades' means adventure. CLASSCAPADES is a portmanteau formed using the words 'Class' and 'Escapades'. The name symbolises our mission of providing an exciting classroom learning experience, while transforming education into something that our students will fervently look forward to. Language or mathematics, science or art, at Classcapades we endeavour to transform learning into an adventurous experience for students.

Q2. How will the Creative Writing Programme benefit my child?

Ans. Classcapades' Creative Writing Programme partners with you through your child's journey in holistic English language development - conversation, reading, grammar, vocabulary enrichment, elocution and creative writing. The up-to-date curriculum is combined with the perfect teaching methods and a sprightly ambience that is conducive to learning.

Q3. What could I, as a parent, expect from Classcapades?

Ans. As a parent of a Classcapades' student, you can expect your child to display a renewed confidence justified by improved and articulate speech and conversation, exponentially expanded range of vocabulary and enriched writing skills.

Q4. How are the courses offered at Classcapades different from school curriculum?

Ans. Classcapades is an enhanced learning avenue. We therefore ensure that the learning far exceeds school curricula. Though we are not a school-curricula-focussed institute, you will witness a remarkable improvement in your child's performance at school. The vocabulary and writing techniques undoubtedly augment their composition skills in school which translates into better grades.

Q5. How is the English Escapades programme different from a speech-and-drama class?

Ans. Most speech-and-drama courses enhance spoken English ability. Our English Escapades courses focus on all-inclusive language development. They include both - fluency in spoken English and excellence in written language. Furthermore, our programmes are structured in a manner that helps children retain and use the newly learnt vocabulary and writing techniques.

Q6. How many sessions are conducted during a year?

Ans. A minimum of 40 to a maximum of 44 sessions are conducted through one year (one level) of the English Escapades and Math Marvels courses. The classes are conducted once a week.

Q7. Can my child join the programmes mid-year?

Ans. All our annual courses commence in June. However, we permit admissions to the English Escapades courses beyond June as well, subject to availability of seats. In case of late admission, the fee is also charged on a pro-rata basis vis-à-vis the number of classes remaining. Mid-year admissions are not possible for the mathematics courses.

Q8. Does Classcapades have any branches?

Ans. Currently the Classcapades programmes are conducted at our center at Santacruz - West only. We do not have any branches as of now.

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